Edinburgh Filmmaking Society (previously known as Edinburgh Movie Production Society) is The University of Edinburgh’s society for shooting, producing, and editing films, camera and equipment rental, filmmaking competitions, networking, workshops, and events.


EFS has a range of professional quality equipment available for hire, including cameras, microphones, lights, and accessories. Students and non-students can hire these for their own projects, and the equipment is available for free (!) if you are taking part in our competitions and events.


MEMBERSHIP is open to everyone, including non-students, and everybody is welcome, no matter what experience you have. You're completely welcome to join us if you've never done any filmmaking before! We organise big semester long film projects, talks and workshops, and fortnightly competitions. You can gain skills in directing, producing, acting, sound design, music composition, editing, special effects, camera operation; you can develop your skills, or find out what areas of filmmaking you are interested in. 

To join, you can speak to any of our committee members at a meeting, or buy membership online from our EUSA Page.



Location: George Square, David Hume Tower, Room LG.09


Members of Edinburgh Filmmaking Society can attend all our events for free and get discounted hire of our equipment



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